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Commission scolaire Riverside School Board

Association of Directors General of English School Boards of Québec (ADBGESBQ)

Strategies for the recruitment and retention of FSL teachers in Quebec’s English school boards – Phases 1 and 2

The purpose of this project was to implement recruitment and retention strategies to address the teacher shortage in FSL and FI programs in Quebec's English school boards.

It involved the development and roll-out of an applicant tracking system in each of the English school boards in order to put in place measurement mechanisms providing accurate real-time data and to monitor and track teacher recruitment. These data will also be used to recommend future recruitment and talent retention strategies.

There is a significant opportunity to expand the recruitment reach of Quebec's English school boards and to capture accurate data on these initiatives with the implementation of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This will have a positive impact on reducing the number of FSL teacher vacancies.

There are plans to establish a Talent Acquisition Centre of Excellence (CoE), led by a project coordinator under the direction of the Association of Directors General of English School Boards of Quebec (ADGESBQ / ADGCSAQ) and in collaboration with the Direction du soutien au réseau éducatif anglophone (DSREA).

This is reinforced by annual provincial/national and international marketing campaigns promoting the profession and the benefits of teaching Core French, French Second Language and French Immersion in Quebec, in both rural and urban areas.

Targeted Results

Improve the understanding of, and capacity to monitor and report on, the status of teacher recruitment and retention, including the development of mechanisms for data collection and monitoring, and research and studies on recruitment and retention issues.
A Talent Acquisition Centre of Excellence (CoE) provides recruitment services and oversees and supports the development and implementation of three systems to track the status of teacher recruitment and retention:
  • 1 ATS (applicant tracking system)
  • 1 centralized English school board job posting and job information website
  • 1 information system to track turnover and retention rates.
Increase the number of teachers available to teach in French annually to:
  • 42 teachers from Quebec and Canada
  • 8 international teachers
  • 75% of vacancies are filled by qualified FSL teachers.
Increase interest in FSL teaching in urban and rural areas through a campaign to promote the profession for recruitment through annual events including:
  • 23 provincial and national job fairs 
  • 2 international job fairs in which the Centre of Excellence participates in collaboration with the English school boards of Quebec

Main takeaways (learnings)

  • There are many opportunities for school boards to collaborate and learn from each other (e.g., what works and what doesn't in recruitment and retention).
  • Baseline data creates opportunities to discover areas for improvement and collaboration to build on successes.

Potential/desired collaborations

Any organization working on similar projects
  • To share information (e.g. international recruitment challenges).
  • To collaborate on overcoming challenges.
  • To share best practice and innovation in recruitment techniques.
  • To collect data (e.g.: what's out there for teachers vs. what's in demand).
Faculties of education in Canada and abroad
  • To explore opportunities for collaboration - student referrals for internships.
  • For career fairs.
  • For recruiting in the U.S., France, Belgium and Switzerland.
  • For the project (ACPI).
  • To leverage projects.
  • For knowledge sharing.

Digital platforms and documents for consultation or sharing

Digital platforms and documents for consultation or sharing

The’s central website. It will include a job posting tracking system.
Documents will be available in early 2022, including the results of the survey and consultations. Please reach out to the project manager for more information.