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What is the NTFSL?

The  National Table for French as a Second Language (NTFSL), a bilingual organization, was created in 2019. Its mandate is to bring together key players in the field of French second language learning. More specifically, the NTFSL aims to:

Discuss common issues related to learning French as a second language.

Facilitate the sharing of information, expertise, winning practices and solutions.

Promote consultation and collaboration among members.

Who are its members?

The National Table for French as a Second Language (NTFSL) is financially supported by the Government of Canada. It is composed of 23 permanent members from three distinct groups:

The permanent members meet twice a year and welcome observers, ad hoc members or resource persons.

Who coordinates it?

The Table is coordinated by a national member organization for a two-year term. The Association canadienne des professionnels en immersion (ACPI) is the organization that fulfills this mandate until March 31, 2024. It manages the activities of the NTFSL in collaboration with the Coordinating Committee, which is comprised of an agency representative, a provincial/territorial government representative and a Government of Canada representative.

Do you think your organization should be part of the NTFSL?

There are some eligibility criteria to consider before expressing your interest. If you meet these three criteria and would like to be part of the NTFSL, you must express your interest in becoming a permanent member in writing, outlining how your group meets the eligibility criteria and how you would like to contribute to the work of the Table.

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