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Groupe Media TFO

Canadian Parents for French (Ontario)

Pathways to Becoming a French Second Language Teacher in Ontario

The Ontario Branch of Canadian Parents for French (CPF) has completed a three-year project to increase the awareness and appreciation of French Second Language teaching as an in-demand career path. While the promotional campaign has ended, the website remains a valuable resource for bilingual youth seeking information and guidance on the pursuit of this career path.

The objective of this project was to address the growing gap created by the increased demand for FSL programs in Ontario schools and the decline in enrolment in the Faculties of Education programs that lead to FSL teaching positions.

1. Website
The website raises awareness of the demand for French Second Language teachers in Ontario and highlights the “why” and “how” to become a French teacher in the province. The site features the post-secondary path of study to obtain a Bachelor of Education and experiences that support French language proficiency and French Second Language teacher qualifications in Ontario.
The website is enhanced by links to the Canadian Parents for French “My Raison d’Être” national campaign and other stakeholder organization initiatives.

2. Promotional Campaign
A comprehensive promotional/advertising campaign to promote teaching French and attract the secondary and post-secondary youth audience to the website ran for two years, ending in March 2023.

3. Youth Conference
Two virtual student conferences on bilingual careers with a special focus on becoming a French Second Language teacher were delivered.

Targeted Results

Increased student awareness and appreciation of FSL teaching as an “in-demand” career path.
Include/engage/support a greater diversity of students to pursue an FSL teaching career.
Draw the audience to the website (measurable analytics).

Main takeaways (learnings)

  • We have received excellent feedback on the content, clarity, functionality, and contemporary messaging of the website.
  • We learned through analytics how digital campaigns are performing for our youth audience.
  • It will take a few years to be able to measure the overall impact on increased enrolment in Bachelor of Education programs in the province and increased FSL qualifications.

Potential/desired collaborations

Canadian Association of Immersion Professionals (ACPI)
  • We have similar objectives with ACPI’s Teacher 5 étoiles website.
  • We could work together to find ways to continue to support each other’s initiatives in Ontario and have FSL teachers using our lesson plan and slide deck presentation in their classrooms.
Ontario School Counsellors Association (OSCA)
  • We would like to continue to collaborate in promoting together the FSL teaching profession with guidance counsellors in all Ontario schools.
Ontario Modern Language Teachers’ Association (OMLTA)
  • We would like to continue to collaborate, have teachers use our lesson plans, and our new slide deck presentation in their classrooms for secondary students in Ontario.

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