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Canadian Association of Immersion Professionals (CAIP)

Recruitment and retention strategy for French Immersion teachers ─ Teacher 5 étoiles

The Teacher 5 étoiles campaign is an original project developed by the Association canadienne des professionnels de l’immersion (ACPI) in the wake of its Canada-wide consultation. The results were published in 2018 and identified a critical shortage of trained French Immersion teachers across the country, due in part to the strong growth in the number of students enrolled in French Immersion programs.

The Teacher 5 étoiles campaign focuses on providing concrete solutions to the challenges of recruiting and retaining French Immersion teachers across Canada.

The Teacher 5 étoiles campaign has three main components:

  • A national campaign to raise the profile of and promote a career in French Immersion.
  • A national recruitment campaign.
  • A recruitment portal for school boards and candidates. (see the "" project overview)

Each component features a host of activities aimed at achieving results that will:

  • Increase the number of teachers enrolled in university programs that lead to French Immersion teaching.
  • Enable school boards to continue to meet the growing demand for immersion programs.
  • Contribute to the bilingualism of more Canadians.
  • Stimulate pride in belonging to the French Immersion teaching community.

PHASE 1: National campaign to raise the profile of and promote a career in French Immersion

  • A manager and a coordinator were hired to handle all aspects of the recruitment and retention strategy for immersion teachers.
  • A work plan was developed and the Teacher5étoiles campaign was created, including:
    • A website.
    • The hiring of four (4) featured “star” teachers.
    • The production and distribution of 17 videos about the featured teachers.
    • Students recruited to join the featured teachers to form an ambassador "squad" of social media content creators for high school students.
    • Teacher 5 étoiles en herbe [aspiring 5-star teachers] blogs for high school students.
    • Three "day in the life of an Immersion teacher" videos.
    • Six "Immersion Stories" videos (what teaching Immersion means to a teacher).
    • A Teacher 5 étoiles/webseries - 4 episodes.
    • Four “meet the teacher”-style webinars with featured teachers on FB where they answer questions from students and 4 Périodes libres [free periods] webinars on Instagram.
    • “Am I an Immersion teacher?” online quiz.
    • Four contests, including Paroles d'immersion [Immersion lyrics] to compose the lyrics of a song celebrating French Immersion and leading to the creation of the song Deux langues [two languages].
    • An interactive map of Canada identifying where education programs are offered for those interested in becoming an Immersion teacher.
    • Members of the ambassador squad participate in activities on behalf of Teacher 5 étoiles.
    • Series of tours, participation in job fairs, calendar of activities to talk about careers in French Immersion.
    • Monthly Teacher 5 étoiles newsletter.
  • Facilitating workshops at the Le français pour l’avenir / French for the Future forum to promote the profession to high school students.
  • Creating a teaching toolkit for all students in grades 10 to 12.
  • Material for career counsellors.

PHASE 2: National recruitment campaign

  • Influence marketing (sponsored content on behalf of the campaign supported by an advertising campaign).
  • "Reach for the Stars / Vise les étoiles" gives graduating students the opportunity to participate in a qualifying program as a teacher in an immersion classroom (mobility grant, teaching kit for participating teachers, mentoring, teacher coaching) - see the "Reach for the Stars" project overview for more information and future Web link.
  • "L'Observatoire" introduces students who have not yet chosen to teach in Immersion to the profession through a two-week introductory internship in French Immersion - see the "L'Observatoire" project overview for more information and future Web link.
  • A directory of schools and school boards offering Immersion programs, college and university programs (including related programs of study), and recruitment events such as job fairs.
  • A list of requirements for becoming a teacher in each province and territory.
  • Two recruiters travel across Canada to meet with education students and connect them with potential employers - see the "Great Road Trip / La grande virée" project overview and future Web link.
  • Participation in virtual job fairs to promote careers in French Immersion.
  • Creation of a "toolbox," including materials for teachers seeking work in French Immersion (videos and tip sheets).

Targeted Results

More high school and university students enrolled in university programs leading to Immersion teaching.
Immersion programs have access to a sufficient number of qualified French Immersion professionals.
French Immersion programs continue to grow and contribute to the bilingual development of more Canadians.
French Immersion teachers across the country feel valued and committed to their profession.
Enrolment in French Immersion programs in school boards across the country increases.

Main takeaways (learnings)

  • Importance of coordinating with other organizations when launching campaigns with the same objectives and target audiences.
  • Value of cross-promotion with partners.
  • Promotional budget too limited for the scope of the campaign, especially given that everything was done virtually/digitally.

Potential/desired collaborations

Departments/Ministries of Education and school boards:
  • For distribution of the kit to teachers (grades 10-12) to raise awareness about careers in French immersion.
  • To distribute the kit to guidance counsellors.
  • For recognition of the Observatory's activities within BEd programs.
  • To relay the Teacher5étoiles website to students in grades 11-12 (e.g.: Am I a 5-star teacher?).
French for the Future
  • To explore how to create programming content with the tools developed by Teacher5étoiles.
  • To continue to integrate Teacher5étoiles into local forums.
  • For the exchange of blog content.

Digital platforms and documents for consultation or sharing

Digital platforms and documents for consultation or sharing
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