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Manitoba Department of Education and Early Childhood Learning, Bureau de l’éducation française (BEF)

Retention of teachers in rural and northern school divisions

To support the retention of immersion teachers, Manitoba's Bureau de l'éducation française (BEF), in partnership with the Association of Canadian Immersion Professionals (ACPI), has undertaken a pilot project that includes a customized service offering to support rural and northern Manitoba school divisions during the 2022-2023 school year.

The services include 4 components:

1. ACPI A+ membership

  • Access to a wide range of educational resources ;
  • A guided tour of ACPI's educational zone.

2. Virtual mentoring programme for new immersion teachers

  • One-on-one support from an experienced teaching mentor;
  • 8 mentoring sessions;
  • Participant's kit:
    • Guide for new French immersion teachers
    • French immersion.

3. Language support programme

The teaching professional will improve his or her language skills while acquiring the tools needed to communicate with confidence in a French immersion context.

What is included :

  • A placement test ;
  • 8 personalised weekly language coaching sessions;
  • An assessment questionnaire.

4. Tailor-made professional development program

Service offered to school divisions to facilitate access to professional development that meets the needs and objectives identified by the division, including :

  • Implementation of an action plan ;
  • Tailor-made professional development.

The cost of the project is shared equally between the Bureau de l'éducation française and the school divisions.

Targeted Results

Increased confidence in French language skills
Improved professional skills
Increased confidence in their role as a French immersion teacher
Feelings of support and belonging (loyalty) to the immersion program and the school division

Main takeaways (learnings)

  • A demonstrated need by rural school divisions for personalized coaching and professional development services
  • Great appreciation for support services
  • Virtual services have a place among the range of support options available.
  • The partial funding (50%) provided by the BEF was important for the school divisions because it enabled them to undertake activities that they would not otherwise have been able to carry out.

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