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Association canadienne des professionnels de l'immersion
Yellowknife Catholic Schools

Ministry of Education, Culture and Employment

Establishing Effective Recruitment and Retention Strategies for FML/FLS Educators

This two-year project includes four initiatives focused on teacher recruitment and retention:

1. Create an end-of-year survey for French as a second language (FSL) educators, then analyze the data collected to identify the reasons for the current attrition rate and evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment and retention initiatives;

2. Promote the FML teaching profession to encourage the retention of current teaching staff;

3. Provide professional learning opportunities that will increase the skills, confidence and sense of self-efficacy of FML and FSL educators; and

4. Increase the visibility of the Northwest Territories to out-of-territory FML and FSL educators in order to increase teacher recruitment.

These initiatives aim to:

1. Improve retention of FLS/FLM teachers by creating a relevant and effective support system, and by evaluating the effectiveness of initiatives in a more structured way.

2. Improve recruitment of FSL/FLM teachers by adapting recruitment strategies to future teachers and potential international educators.

Targeted Results

Reduced teacher turnover in FML schools and FSL programs.
Increase the number of teachers available to teach in FML schools and FSL programs in both urban and rural areas.
Greater recognition and appreciation of the teaching profession in FML schools, in both urban and rural areas.
Increased sense of self-efficacy among teachers in FML schools and FSL programs, in both urban and rural areas.

Main takeaways (learnings)

  • It's easier for school boards to send the survey to teachers because they have direct access to it.

Potential/desired collaborations

Any organization offering internships or coaching for immersion professionals (e.g., speech therapists, early childhood educators)
  • Exposing trainees to the realities of the Northwest Territories workplace helps recruit teaching professionals.
  • For mentoring and language coaching.
  • To benefit from the Quebec trainee program.
  • For internships and mentoring.

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