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CPF - National

Canadian Parents for French – Nova Scotia

Teaching French as a Career Path: Post-Secondary Outreach for Recruitment to B.Ed. French Second Language Programs

The Teaching French as a Career Path project reached out to second year university students. Students enrolled in STEM and key arts programs were the primary focus, as well as increasing the diversity of those entering the BEd program.

Promotional materials were developed to target students who were committed to finishing their current program of study but realized that they would like to continue a career in another field. A BEd adds value to academic training while preparing students to join the education community. Those with a background in French immersion at the high school level are encouraged to upgrade their French skills during their BEd studies.

Promotional materials outline how to become an FSL teacher, transferable skills from BSc and BA to a BEd, as well as the benefits of teaching FSL as a career.

A committee was established to survey students and develop appropriate promotional materials. Presentations and career fairs took place virtually during the fall and winter semesters in cooperation with the Atlantic region’s English-language universities.

A baseline was established to determine how many places were available in each program and how many were filled. The recruitment period extended over two years.

Targeted Results

Degree of satisfaction indicated by outreach surveys
Increased number and diversity of students applying to BEd programs in Nova Scotia
Promotion of bilingualism to students not pursuing French as a degree
Use of anecdotal information in the promotion of teaching French as a career path

Main takeaways (learnings)

  • It’s easier to promote the career path to students who are already interested in French and in teaching. Other students are more difficult to engage.

Potential/desired collaborations

  • For collaboration to help find regional contacts.
  • For promotion to university-aged students.
Canadian Parents for French (CPF) - National
  • CPF’s national chapter developed a similar project to share across the national CPF network.
Universities and faculties of education (Ex.: Université Sainte-Anne, Glendon College)
  • We have similar target audiences.
  • To collaborate and join recruitment efforts.

Digital platforms and documents for consultation or sharing

Digital platforms and documents for consultation or sharing

Take Your Career Further Website and videos Please note: two brochures have been developed and are available on the website in PDF format as well as a report for the first year.