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Canadian Parents for French – Manitoba

Teach in French

Teach in French is a strategy that seeks to increase the number of qualified French teachers in Manitoba through promotional materials, presentations in schools, career fairs, traditional and social media. It encourages young people in elementary and secondary schools, as well as university students to consider embarking on a career path teaching in French (French immersion) or teaching French (French as a second language). The campaign raises awareness about the positive impact that teaching in French or just teaching French can have on future generations in Canada. Furthermore, by providing information about the FSL teaching profession to parents, teachers, guidance counsellors and post-secondary educators, they are better equipped to give guidance or direction to children and students. In addition, teachers from kindergarten to Grade 12 are reminded about the rewards of teaching in French immersion and French as a second language in general and motivate them to seek out professional support as well as professional development opportunities. Meanwhile, post-secondary institutions are encouraged to work together to assist in addressing the shortage of qualified French teachers.

Targeted Results

Inspire interest and enthusiasm of youth for teaching in French and teaching French.
Target a broad group ranging from Grade 5 to undergraduate students.
Remind post-secondary students that teaching in French and teaching French justify serious consideration when choosing and embarking upon postgraduate studies.
Provide a recap to current teachers regarding the rewards of teaching in French and teaching French, and encourage them to take advantage of professional support/professional development opportunities that are available to them.
Inform parents and guidance counsellors, so that they are more aware of teaching in French and teaching French as attractive options, making them more likely to encourage their children/students in this choice of career path.

Main takeaways (learnings)

  • As people see the advertising on an ongoing basis, messaging starts to sink in.
  • Enrolment of FSL students has increased significantly because of another campaign (French for Life), but the teacher shortage has been an issue.
  • We’ve gained an appreciation of the challenges that French immersion (FI) teachers face.
  • There needs to be a better support system for FI teachers.
  • A lack of passion/conviction leads to FI teachers transferring to the English track.
  • There needs to be more support for new teachers across the country because they are overstretched and overwhelmed.
  • The pandemic didn’t help.

Potential/desired collaborations

ACPI, local French Education departments, Association of French Teachers (EFM), Manitoba Association of French Teachers (MAFT), School division associations, Alliance française
  • For pooling and optimization of resources.
  • To share information.
  • For partnering with organizations that have similar goals.
  • CPF’s mandate is more about promoting French immersion to students than teachers.
  • It's more cost-effective to work with a non-profit in terms of promotion.
Université de Saint-Boniface, University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba, Red River Community College, Brandon University
  • Teacher training is compatible with CPF Manitoba’s goal to promote the profession.
  • The faculties of Education have the tools to train the teachers.
  • CPF can help attract candidates to education programs while promoting the profession.
  • There needs to be more encouragement of bilingual students to consider teaching French.

Digital platforms and documents for consultation or sharing

Digital platforms and documents for consultation or sharing

Teach in French - booklet
Teach in French - poster