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Francophone organizations

Prince Edward Island Department of Education and Early Years

Bachelor of Education in French at the University of Prince Edward Island

The University of PEI (UPEI) is developing courses that contain content specific to minority language education. It is also making it a priority to renew its partnerships with francophone organizations and Collège de l'Île to increase students’ exposure to French.

In addition, UPEI is developing a renewed promotion plan for the program to reach out to potential new students interested in acquiring French language skills and becoming French Immersion, Core French and French First Language teachers.

UPEI is therefore producing promotional materials and liaising with high school counsellors, high school students and UPEI students while providing prospective students with information about the B.Ed. - FSL program.

The project aims to improve the French language skills of students graduating from the B.Ed. program. UPEI also offers four preparatory courses in French to support new students interested in entering the B.Ed. - FSL program who do not meet program requirements. The project builds on previous federal investments used to establish the B.Ed. - FSL program at UPEI by increasing the program's promotional activities and its capacity to accept larger cohorts of students.

Targeted Results

The number of students enrolled in the B.Ed. - FSL program increases from 15 to 25.
The number of courses taught in French to UPEI students increases to 19 out of 20.
Language support is offered to all students in the program to promote their learning of the French language and culture.
A promotional plan is developed and implemented to recruit more students into the B.Ed.- FSL program.
More teachers are available to teach in French First Language schools as well as in French Immersion and French Second Language programs in both urban and rural areas.

Main takeaways (learnings)

  • Consider setting up internships in a French-speaking environment.

Potential/desired collaborations

Other English-language universities offering the Bachelor of Education (e.g. University of Regina, Simon Fraser University [BAFF], etc.).
  • To share expertise.
  • To exchange practices.
  • For virtual collaboration opportunities.
Canadian School Board Association (CSBA)
  • For job placements.
  • For employment opportunities.
  • For school internships.
ACUFC and Universities Canada
  • For collaboration with the University of PEI to strengthen the Francophone service offering.
  • To collaborate with Collège de l'Île to develop joint programs.

Digital platforms and documents for consultation or sharing

Digital platforms and documents for consultation or sharing

UPEI Bachelor of Education - FLS website