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Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT)

Advancing the Knowledge, Skills, Self-Efficacy, and Retention of Second Language Teachers in a Blended Language Teaching Model

The pandemic has added layers of stress, uncertainty, and disruption to the lives of all teachers and to French as a second language (FSL) teachers in particular. The pandemic will also have a permanent effect on the way schools teach, combining in-person and online learning spaces.

This project aimed to support teachers as they were faced with a teaching environment rapidly transitioning to a blended delivery model. Information, strategies, and tools were provided to enhance effectiveness in a blended delivery model. Within the context of a blended learning environment, likely areas of focus include the following:

  • Teaching:
    • Oral and written production
    • Receptive skills: reading and listening
    • Oral and written interaction
    • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Targeting multi-literacies
  • Integrating Culture and Identity in a blended FSL classroom
  • Assessment and feedback

A project working group was formed to provide guidance to staff and contractors on resource development. CASLT’s project coordinator oversaw content development. Consultations were held at multiple stages to ensure the needs assessment remained aligned with real world teacher and administrator needs. Shared strategies and tools, as well as supporting professional learning was based on current research in blended delivery on language programs. Project output includes the following:

  • A print and digital resource for teachers with scenarios and strategies to help teachers survive and thrive in blended delivery models.
  • A print and digital resource for administrators to help them to better support their teachers and programs.
  • Development of a series of workshops for delivery online, synchronously, and asynchronously, in CASLT CoLab, and in-person through the CASLT Chez-Vous (CCV) professional learning program and at FSL teacher events.
  • Creation of a series of short PD (Professional Development) videos for dissemination through social media to share knowledge and promote the project.
  • Publication of a series of special sections in CASLT’s Réflexions magazine featuring articles on research and effective teacher practice in the blended model.

Building of online FSL teacher communities through forums on the CASLT Learning Centre and through linking the resources and the PD to the CASLT Mentorship Program.

Targeted Results

FSL teachers and administrators are better equipped to successfully navigate and adapt to the constantly evolving challenges of teaching in a blended learning environment through access to high quality resources, professional development and community building.
CASLT is recognized within the second language (L2) teaching community as a source of current, research-based, exemplary practice in the domain of FSL teaching in a blended environment.

Potential/desired collaborations

Edmonton Public Schools
  • For teacher experience from a practical point of view to emphasize best/innovative practices.
All organizations that teach languages such as school boards, teacher associations and faculties of education
  • To share project information, results, and teaching tools.
  • Project focusses primarily on practice rather than theory.
Teacher organizations such as ACPI
  • To collaborate and forge a partnership.
Ministries of education
  • To share resources with school boards to promote successful teaching and student success.

Digital platforms and documents for consultation or sharing

Digital platforms and documents for consultation or sharing

Reflexions Magazine (membership required) Vol. 40: no. 2 and 3, Vol. 41: no. 1 and 2