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School Boards
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Provincial and territorial deparments of Education

Association canadienne des professionnels de l'immersion (ACPI)

School Administrators at the Centre of Recruitment and Retention

In the administration of immersion programs, it was found that the leaders responsible, who are often unilingual English speakers, have limited knowledge of the issues and challenges specific to immersion. In addition, they are not aware of the latest research and trends in immersion, which can contribute to the difficulty of hiring, supervising and evaluating immersion teachers. It is in this context that ACPI proposes to assist school leaders with tools and training that will help them better mentor and manage immersion programs.

The shortage of teachers has also led school boards to hire staff who are often not trained to teach in immersion, and for whom immersive pedagogy remains the preferred method. Researchers agree that teaching immersion requires specific knowledge and teaching skills.

This project includes the creation of a virtual space on the ACPI website designed specifically for administrators. This space will feature video vignettes illustrating recruitment and retention strategies. Administrators will find a question and answer section, information on inclusion, educational resources, research and more.

In addition, ACPI will offer networking opportunities for new directors, such as virtual meetings, coaching, webinars, and personalized language coaching.

Together, these resources, which are designed to meet the specific needs of school administrators, will provide innovative programs for learning or improving French, as well as better strategies for recruiting and retaining immersion teachers.


Targeted Results

Increased awareness of the state of recruitment and retention of teachers in French immersion and second language programs
Increased recognition and appreciation of the teaching profession in French immersion and second language programs in both urban and rural settings
French immersion programs continue to improve and contribute to the bilingual development of more Canadians.
More teachers with an increased sense of self-efficacy are available to teach in French immersion and French second language programs in both urban and rural settings
Lower teacher turnover in French immersion and French second language programs.

Potential/desired collaborations

School boards and districts
  • to access to administrators
  • for project promotion.
Principals' associations (e.g. Ontario Public School Boards Association, Manitoba Association of Principals)
  • to raise awareness of recruitment issues
  • to collaborate
  • to identify needs and challenges.
Ministries of Education
  • for resource sharing.

Digital platforms and documents for consultation or sharing

ACPI website - space for school administrators

ACPI website - space for school administrators