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Simon-Fraser University - Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs
Vancouver and Okanagan campuses
BC Ministry of Education ShareEd BC platform

British Columbia Ministry of Education and Child Care

FSL French Teacher Recruitment and Retention COVID-19 Response

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching and administrative operations in British Columbia transitioned to new remote/online/blended learning operations.

British Columbia’s project for French as a second language consisted of seven initiatives that addressed the immediate learning and administrative needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Transition to blended Post-Secondary French Education Program Delivery. This initiative consisted of transitioning the undergrad and graduate French Education programs to online/blended delivery at Simon Fraser University, along with online promotion (recruitment) of French Education undergrad and graduate studies/programs.

2. Addition of a French language interface with the French language curriculum on “ShareEdBC”. This consisted of updating ShareEdBC to a French language interface with French language curriculum (FLM + FSL) data and best practices to provide support for K-12 teachers in minority language schools. The additional funding request ensured that all B.C. French curriculum would be added to the platform, and that it would be available in French going forward. The implementation of the project took place over fiscal year 2020-2021. Partners involved in the project's delivery included Simon Fraser University, B.C. Language Coordinators Association, University of British Columbia – Okanagan, University of British Columbia, and Canadian Parents for French.

3. Create and Provide Materials and Support to Post-secondary Education Instructors and Students for Online Learning. This initiative focused on developing online resources/teaching supports to equip instructors and students in the Bachelor of Education program (French specialty) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) for an online classroom environment. UBC planned to support activities that would enable access and development of online resources for French teacher preparation.

4. Create and Provide Blended Learning Resources for Parents and Teachers. This initiative created an online resource database for parents and French as a second language (FSL) teachers in B.C. to support online learning for K-12 students. Canadian Parents for French B.C. (CPF) led this project.

5. Launch Blended Teaching/Learning Internships and Field Experiences for Post-secondary Students. This initiative strengthened online teaching/learning internships with BEd candidates in French immersion and second language programs in remote areas of the province through the University of British Columbia Okanagan.

6. Provide a Mentorship Program for French Teachers. This initiative developed networking/knowledge sharing between teachers in school districts and the University of Victoria for support in online program delivery and best practices for K-12 students.

7. Develop and Offer a Teacher Webinar Series for Online Learning. This initiative developed a teacher training and support program for blended learning via a webinar series, with a focus on French education lesson plans and strategies for K-12 students, in collaboration with the B.C. Language Coordination Association (BCLCA).

This project benefited the second language-learning component and had a significant impact on French teacher recruitment and retention in British Columbia.

Targeted Results

Enrolment of FSL students in French Education post-secondary programs at Simon Fraser University is maintained (i.e. prevent decrease of enrolment because of COVID-19).
The acceptance rate of FLS/FML educators in the Shared Resource Platform in French is increased.
Online/virtual supports, networks and resources for students and teachers are developed.
Abilities, knowledge, and working conditions of teachers in a changing environment are improved.
A quality learning experience throughout COVID-19 pandemic is maintained.
FSL French immersion teachers complete a web series for:
  1. developing language communicative competencies online, and 
  2. developing curricular and core competencies in students in a blended teaching/learning environment.

Main takeaways (learnings)

  • ShareED BC has been popular with teachers because of resource sharing and professional networking capacity.

Potential/desired collaborations

Other provinces and territories
  • To learn from and support each other.
National organizations collecting data (Ex.: CASB, ACPI)
  • To situate BC within trends
  • To gain a better sense of how many teachers are being produced per province - as a benchmark.

Digital platforms and documents for consultation or sharing

Digital platforms and documents for consultation or sharing

ShareEdBC has a digital platform reserved for BC teachers – a national organization could be granted access with permission (teacher resources, English and French).